Founded in King's Cross in 2010, Vx is London’s original one-stop shop for vegans. Vegan Cross, or Vx as it’s known, is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication by head honcho Rudy Penando.

Rudy was one of the pioneers responsible for establishing the revolutionary Pogo Café, London’s first 100% cruelty-free coffee shop way back in 2004 and is the creative force behind the Secret Society of Vegans clothing line. SSOV branded merch was initially conceived of in 2003 as a means to fund Pogo but has long since surpassed that objective to become one of the most recognisable and successful vegan brands on the planet.

In 2008 Rudy decided to go it alone and Vx was born. Its current Kings Cross location would be a further two years in the making, as Rudy slogged it out on a humble Camden market stall testing the demand for his plant-based wares. Eventually relocating the business to its permanent spot in early 2010, London’s first vegan boutique was opened to much applause from absolutely nobody.

Vx was originally a grocery/shoes/t-shirt shop but it became more after few years of trading. Furnitures were moved, more fridges were added and a nice little take away menu grew to what it is now. 

In 2015, something crazy happened. Rudy found out that there was another French nationals living in the UK who wanted to own a vegan shop. After few emails and meetings with Amandine Tchou, the Vx Bristol shop became a project, then a reality. Vx Bristol opened its doors in December 2015 and has been a huge success so far. 

Vx now has two locations and Rudy often jokes about the fact that he owns the first chain of vegan shops in the UK. People usually don't find it funny. 

It's tough to be the most over-achieving vegan shopkeeper in the UK...


Vx in 2013