Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are more than welcome here.

Vx Loyalty Program?

Earn loyalty points by buying stuff at Vx, then redeem the points and save money on your next shopping trip! There are two ways of doing it: you can register at the till with your full name and email address or use the link at the bottom of your receipt (link is valid for 7 days only).

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do! We've got two sorts. One is a fancy plastic card worth £30 and has a scratch panel on the back, the code can be used on our mailorder site (also can be purchased there). The card can also be redeemed at the shop. We also have gift cards that are only available in store, the value of these can be picked & selected by the customer.

What's the Vx Discount Card?

The Vx Discount card gives you 10% Off! This card is given away or can be purchased. If you buy the card, you also get 10% on the website! We have been open since February 2010 and we thought it was time to reward our most loyal customers. Or some of our poorest customers! This card is valid forever but only at our shop in London, no interweb discount, we want to meet you in flesh!
When you spend over £100 in one visit, you automatically get a discount card.

What time do you stop serving food?

We stop making hot food at closing time.

How did Vx get here?

See the origin story here!

Do you sell and ship products online?

Yes, please go to our international mailorder site here.

I need a job

Sorry but we don't have any paid positions at the moment. Please do not send us your CV. We will advertise on the website or in store if we are looking for a new recruit for our death squad.

Do you sell Club Maté?

Yes! We have got the Cola, the Classic and the Ice Tea version. We have the Winter Edition during... Winter.

Yes, most of the cheese in stock is!

Do you have wheat free patisserie / cake?
The patisserie range is sadly not wheat free but we have gluten free donuts and sometimes brownies.

Do you sell organic wine/beer?

We don't sell alcohol.

When are you open?

We are now open from 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. We are usually open during bank holidays but if we are not, there's a message on our website.

Are you on Facebook, instagram or twitter?

Yes, please 'like' us on or or Instagram (@vxlondon) or Tumblr (secretsocietyofvegans)...

What is the SSOV?

This acronym means: Secret Society Of Vegans. The SSOV is a clothing company owned by the people who run Vx. Our shop is called Vx, not Secret Society Of Vegans.

Are you vegan?

Yes. Owned and operated by vegans.

Do you take credit / visa cards in store?

Yes. Minimum payment is £1.

How many years has Vx been open?

Vx opened its doors in February 2010!

Do you sell whole cakes?

No we don't, sorry! if you'd like to order one please contact Ms Cupcake, Cookies and Scream, Cat Food Cakes, Essential Vegan...